Centerpoint Health

Centerpoint Health is a comprehensive behavioral health care provider in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio. Its mission is to strengthen the communities it serves by providing the best quality mental health care to children, adults and families.

With five neighborhood-based locations throughout Hamilton County, Centerpoint serves children, adults and families. Centerpoint’s four operational areas:

The agency’s vision is to provide the region’s best mental health care to help everyone live a productive and healthy life. The agency accomplishes this through its servicesprovided at its accessible locations throughout Hamilton County. Centerpoint Health’s values include the following:

  • Comprehensive – a readily accessible continuum of care for the community and the people we serve
  • Collaboration – partnering with individuals, the community and other organizations to find new and creative alternatives to meet client and community needs
  • Quality – outcome oriented services at reasonable costs, and excellence in operational programs and internal systems
  • Personal Growth – recognizing the unique strengths and qualities of employees and clients to enable them to reach their individual potential and goals
  • Integrity – ethics in personal, professional and business behavior, and respect for individual rights

The agency is comprised of qualified professionals dedicated to providing services that are research-based, best practices. Because of this dedication, Centerpoint Health also holds several mental health certifications and memberships. With 250 staff members, the agency served 7,000 registered clients and 34,000 more with prevention and hotline services during July 2008-June 2009..

In 2008, Centerpoint Health was formed from three successful local mental health agencies: Center for Children and Families, Core Behavioral Health Centers, and NORCEN Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. Centerpoint Health is an affiliate of Talbert House.

What is an Affiliate?

Centerpoint Health is affiliated with Talbert House to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our clients. Centerpoint maintains an independent 501(c)(3) tax status as well as its own board of trustees , and Talbert House is responsible for the financial, human resources and quality and clinical services for the agency.

About our Logo

The swirling Centerpoint icon represents positive progress, with the focal point representing an individual being surrounded by caring professionals. 


Referrals for services can be made by calling 513-221-HELP (513-221-4357).


Help is a phone call away.

Dial 281-CARE or (513) 281-2273 if you are in need of immediate assistance.

This 24-hour suicide and crisis hotline service is available to the community and individuals of any age. This service also provides prevention, assessment, and educational programming to individuals of any age. Short-term counseling is also available for adults. Staff members can assist with stress management, relationship conflicts and coping with a loss.

Services are free, confidential, and TTY-accessible.

If you are in an emergency, please call 911.

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